Board of Directors

ANG LAM POAHChief Executive Officer

A Malaysian, aged 54, was appointed to the Board on 23 December 2003. He is the Chief Executive Officer ("CEO") of the Company and a member of the Sustainability Committee.

He holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Toronto School of Business. Upon obtaining his diploma in 1990, he started his career with JAKS.

As the CEO of the Group, Mr Ang is instrumental in providing the leadership, business strategy and direction for the Group. He brings valuable entrepreneurship experience and business acumen to the Group.

He has been actively involved in the day-to-day operations and management of the Group's business activities that encompass the water and infrastructure construction projects and power plant and renewable energy projects. He also has experience in property development and the setting up of manufacturing plant for mild steel pipes and common clay bricks. He also holds directorships in several other private limited companies.

Ang Lam Poah is the brother to the Director, Ang Lam Aik. Save as disclosed, he does not have any family relationship with any other Director and/or major shareholder of the Company and has no conflict of interest with the Company. He has no convictions for offence within the past five years.