Welcome to JAKS Website

This website is primarily meant to create a convenient channel of communication, enabling you to find out more about the JAKS group of companies, as well as providing an avenue for you to get in touch with us.

We are firm believers in the advantages of utilising integrated technology and information systems to improve operational processes, and our attitudes towards communication with the rest of the world are no different. We realise the importance of online media as a convenient avenue for rapid communication that is highly relevant to today’s fast-paced, knowledge-driven environment.

That’s why this website is part of our blueprint for achieving effective, efficient communication with our customers and business partners; and a vital component in moving towards our corporate goal of becoming the market leader in the integrated water resources management industry.

In everything we do, we’ve found that our strategic focus on communication has helped us understand our customer’s needs better. It has enabled us to build and strengthen our strategic alliances with suppliers, contractors, consultants and other business associates, working towards the further growth and expansion of all.

In conclusion, we hope this website will provide you with the information you require. If you have any further enquiries or any suggestions for us, our customer service officer will be glad to assist you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy browsing.

Ang Lam Poah
Managing Director / Group CEO